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Business Resilience & Crisis (BRAC) risk model


Is your business prepared for a disaster or crisis? What is your exposure to business interruption? What are the consequent financial losses? Can you still deliver you product or service? Will you retain your customer base? Will your suppliers continue to support you? Ultimately, will your business survive?


The infrequent occurrence of catastrophic events can make one complacent - why spend effort on the unexpected! But is it unexpected? Fire, floods, IT System failure or the loss of a key member of staff, are events that do occur and the consequences can result in business interruption. Should we: Prepare for the worse? Learn from past events? Be able to survive the storm?


Spending time considering possible adverse events and preparing Business Resilience Plans is the solution. SmartRisk offers a three step approach to Business Resilience & Crisis Management: Step 1 - Identification of Potential Adverse Events, Step 2 - Assessing the Financial Implications & Step 3 - Producing Mitigation and Recovery Plans.


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