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Risk Management spots peril ahead

Business Issue - Predicting a potential breakdown in a Commercial Bid partnership, what action should you take?

Solution - The SmartRisk system was being employed in support of the principle Sub-Contractor’s provision of Information Technology (IT) Services to a Prime Contractor’s Commercial Bid. However, proceedings were interrupted when at the final stages of the bid phase the Sub-Contractor was taken over by one of the Prime’s major competitors. Price negotiations between the Prime and Sub then became tenuous. Further SmartRisk assessments predicted that this situation would continue to deteriorate to a point where the relationship would actually dissolve. Senior Management were informed of this information and the bid manpower effort was reduced to a minimum. Further negotiations became increasingly difficult, finally resulting in the Prime finding an alternative IT provider.

Results - Although this Case Study does not have a happy ending, money was saved due to Senior Management acting upon the SmartRisk prediction of future forthcoming events turning sour.

"SmartRisk predictions inform Senior Management to take action early to save time and money"



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