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Risk Mapping unique to SmartRisk

SmartRisk offers clients our innovative application of Risk Mapping, which combines a graphical representation of the inter-relationship between risks with a "Traffic Light" Current and Target (Residual) Severity Assessment - click on Thumbnail for an example of a Current Risk Map (Top) and a Target Risk Map (Bottom) noting that the quality of images is poor due to compression.

Risk Mapping offers significant benefits over conventional Risk Management approaches:
  •  Graphically analyses "Cause & Effect" and explores the inter-relationship between risks.
  •  Assesses Risk Severity based on related risks in a hierarchical basis as opposed to an individual basis.
  •  Provides a Review Process that is both rapid and effective to allow clients to focus on the key risk drivers.
Our tried and tested methodology aligns with your Projects Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the associated Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) to form a Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS).  Once populated the maps provide Stakeholders with a "Risk Snapshot" of the health status of their Project together with the ability to drill down through the RBS to the principle cause(s) of potential Project failure!

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"Risk Mapping is the way forward in Risk Management"


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