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Assessing the Financial Implications


A "Traffic Light" severity assessment of each of the events is employed.


The BRAC Threat Risk Severity Matrix, provides five Threat Risk Severity Categories, namely:

  • Cat 1 (Red) - Inherent Significant Threat

  • Cat 2 (Yellow) - Major Incident or "Act of God" Threat

  • Cat 3 (Blue) - Inherent Minor Threat

  • Cat 4 (Blue) - Minor Threat

  • Cat 5 (Green) - Insignificant Threat


The sliding scale of risk ranges from a Cat 1 Red risk (a highly probable event that if it did occur then it would pose a series threat to your business stability) through to a Green Cat 5 risk (a negligible chance of occurrence or not applicable threat).


The Matrix is then applied to the Maps generated in step 1, Please see Top Level Example opposite.


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"When applied to the BRAC Risk Maps the "Cause and Effect" of Cat 1 Threat Events become readily apparent!


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