Step 3

Risk Assessment
Risk Mapping
Training Course
Crisis Management
Customer Base
Case Studies

Mitigation and Recovery Plans

SmartRisk provide Generic Mitigation and Recovery Plans, based on experience and common sense.   The process is iterative and the database of events together with their associated generic plans are being continually developed and improved following each Business assessment we undertake.


The Generic Mitigation and Recovery Plans for the identified Threat Areas are then discussed with the client to ensure that they are applicable to their business operations.  Any bespoke actions would then be subsequently incorporated into the Business Resilience & Crisis Risk Register.


The final deliverable is a customer report containing:

  • Business Impact Analysis.

  • Threat Risk Assessment.

  • Resilience Mitigation Actions.

  • Business Continuity Plans.

  • Crisis Management Structure.




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“SmartRisk offers a unique approach through use of our innovative BRAC risk model

– aimed at making Business Continuity Management affordable for SMEs.”


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